Points & Rewards

At Fashionly, we love to create a system where our customers benefit based on their continual loyalty.
As such, a points and rewards system has been implemented with the following criteria;

All new accounts that signup will be awarded 200 points.
All verified reviews made by customers on product purchases will be awarded 50 points.

To understand the monetary value of a point, 100 points is equal to $1.00.
Any points can be earned during any product purchase, of which the purchase value of the product will equal to the total points earned where in that situation $1.00 = 1 point.

For example, if you purchase a product for $10.00 – you will earn 10 points towards your account.
If you have accumulated 1000 points, you can convert this into $10.00 discount at any time within the 3 months you have accumulated this.

All points have an expiry date of 3 months, if the points are not used within the 3 month period – they will automatically expire.